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Where can I find the Best Engagement Rings? That is the million dollar question. As a Certified Diamontologist, with the Diamond Council of America I wondered where online I could find the best engagement rings. After much research I came to realize that online retailers buy their jewelry from the same wholesalers that most physical stores do. The only huge difference is price!


You can save so much money buying online it is absolutely amazing. Online diamond retailers carry the same product, the same GIA and AGS certified diamonds, the same quality diamonds and gold, it is all the same jewelry but at a fraction of the price. You may think why the big difference in price? The reason is they do not have the overhead which a brick and mortar store carries at your local mall or shopping plaza. So, you are able to get deals on the best engagement rings that can be over 50% off in most cases. That's a pretty big bargain in my opinion.



The online diamond market has exploded in the last few years, making a huge impact on diamond sales to the over-priced mall stores. So couples are able to find the best engagement rings online! It's a no brainier... you save an incredible amount of money, get the same quality diamond with overnight insured shipping, plus a 30-day money back guarantee, no sales pressure, 24/7 customer support and the list goes on. It is in every person's best interest to buy diamonds online! Most online retialers have amazing prices and carry wonderful quality, with great guarantees.

Have a read through the other pages they contain alot of necessary information that will be very helpful in your search. The most important factor in finding the best engagement rings is knowledge. Please inform yourself so you can make a well educated decision on your purchase!


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