Cushion Cut Engagement Ring


In today's culture, the cushion cut engagement ring has been making a come back. Increasing in its popularity as a unique alternative with custom design engagement rings. This new age trend cut was quiet common in the late 19th and 20th centuries.


The cushion cut engagement ring is an antique cut that often resembles a mix from the oval, emerald and princess diamonds. In the older days it was named pillow cut or candlelight diamond.  The name directly refers to the style in which it resembles, that of a plump cushion or pillow.  The diamond is usually rectangular or square and appears puffy.  Cushion shapes vary unique, they could be square, oval, rounded corners or even rectangular.


This cut is not as brilliant as round or princess cut diamonds. A cushion cut engagement ring has about 60 facets, which is about 20 facets less than the modern rings. For example a princess cut would have about 70 facets. With the lesser number of facets it will take a small bit of the sparkle out of the diamond.  However, many women prefer to have a less intrusive style of diamonds these days. 

The lower price tag and unique shape is enough to encourage buyers to choose this style of ring.  If you are ok compromising a little on quality, which is not even noticeable, then for a much better price the cushion cut engagement ring will be the perfect choice for you!



Today, cushion cut engagement rings are much more symmetrical than its older contemporaries.  Mostly due too more modern and advance cutting skills. So, the style of cushion cut diamond you will find online will be much more brilliant then what you would find in the vintage or antique market place.


A cushion cut engagement ring is rare in modern rings even though it is becoming more popular. This may be the reason why a lot of couples want this unique style.  No woman wants the exact same ring as her friends. The multiple variations of the cushion cut offers couples many more options.  With the diamond's large face, it will look their best in a solitaire setting.  Mainly due to the attention it will draw to the center of the ring.  Some women like to add diamonds down the sides giving it an even more traditional appeal.   





How to choose the right Cushion Cut Engagement Ring?



Get the best investment for a great vintage style cushion cut engagement ring would be at online retial stores. There is a huge difference between the price of the brick and mortar stores and online stores. Shopping online enables you to receive big savings, 50% difference.  All the diamonds come from the same wholesalers.  This is why ordering online is becoming the top choice for jewelry purchases.


Standards for cushion cut diamonds vary widely and you not find much decent quality selections in your area.  Local stores have a very limited stock.  Now with some extremely reputable online retailers, you will find many cushion cut options that are nearly square, rectangles, and in varying sizes.  When choosing a cushion diamond it really comes down to personal taste.


Buying a ring online can be scary at first, but you have to keep in mind that top online reputable stores have your best interest in mind. They offer you complete peace of mind with such security as a money back guarantee, free insured air shipping plus more.


If you want to save lots of money, the best option is to design your own cushion cut engagement ring.  It is becoming the most popular way to purchase jewelry. With much more availability of stock, lower prices and higher quality that is back by solid guarantee's, it is no wonder why online stores are the top jewelry retailers in the world.


The first step in finding the perfect cushion cut engagement ring is to have a good understand of the 4 C's of diamond grading to know how to buy a diamond. It is very important!  Sign up to our Newsletter we will give you a step by step tutorial. Plus get tips and tricks for buying Jewelry online.


Below are a few key points to remember while making your purchase:


Ø      Choose a cut that falls into in the Very Good and Ideal ranges.


Ø      Choose a color around G - H. 


Ø      Choose minimum clarity between VS1 - SI1.


Ø      Choose a grading report by either GIA or AGS.


cushion engagement ring

The cushion cut has a large open face so it would be in your best interest to choose a higher clarity and color. If you're on a tight budget, ensure you are close to the parameters recommend above. Do not deviate too many points up the sale (to the right) and you will have a beautiful cushion cut engagement ring!


Remember, designing your own ring will ensure you a unique style especially with the cushion cut.  Plus, it's a lot of fun!  With the history of the cushion cut's name being, "candlelight diamond,"  it seems quiet fitting to present your custom designed cushion cut engagement ring over romantic candlelight and fine bottle of wine!