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Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Emerald Cut Diamond Ring

The emerald cut diamond engagement ring receives its name from the emerald cut diamond. Commonly referred as "step cut", the facets give it an appearance of stair steps. The corners are often cut to resemble a box. Sometimes the emerald cut diamond can be arranged in rectangular steps that will create an illusion of a larger stone.

This diamond was originally used for cutting emeralds, not diamonds. Very hard and brittle in nature, the emerald cut was designed to take care of the inclusions or the natural flaws in emeralds. These stones often had their corners cropped, creating a rectangular shape with an octagonal outline. This was done because sharp corners are points of weakness where a diamond may cleave or fracture thus prevented the stone from breaking.

Emerald Cut Ring

Emerald cut engagement rings are becoming very popular due to their sophistication and beauty. During the time of Pope Innocent III, emerald cut diamond engagement rings were worn only by the upper class. Emeralds were considered a symbol of wealth and sophistication. In 1477, the engagement of Mary of Burgundy to Archduke Maximillian of Austria, reported the first time ever an emerald cut engagement ring was used.

The emerald cut diamond engagement ring can be absolutely stunning. Its classy look makes it popular in diamonds. With the stones long lines, it tends to be less brilliant than a round cut. However the trim lines of diamond gives it an elegant, sophisticated appeal. The emerald cut has a long broader and offers more dramatic flashes of light, thus making it one of the most elaborate ring settings.

How to Choose an Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring?

This cut of diamond will best suite women with long, slim fingers. Ladies with short and stubby fingers should take caution with the emerald cut diamond engagement ring because it can make their fingers look even fatter. However, if some one really likes this style, then the ring can be modified by adding more baguettes or stones to the sides of the setting, which will remove the focus from the fingers.

When purchasing an emerald cut diamond it is very important to focus on the quality of the diamond. The large open facets of the cut can give it a dull look compare to a round brilliant. Therefore it is best to pay close attention to the color and clarity. Select the highest grade that is within your budget. Here is what you should keep in mind:

Emerald Cut with channel setting

* Also, make sure you have a good understand of the 4 Cs of diamond grading. It is very important! Sign up to our diamond buying tips to get all the tips and tricks for buying diamonds online.

The greatest benefit of purchasing an emerald cut diamond engagement ring outside of its beauty is that you can save a lot of money and get a larger diamond. They are generally not too expensive, if you're a couple looking for an elegant engagement ring and lacking a huge budget. Then your in luck, you can find a reasonably priced, yet highly sophisticated option with the emerald cut engagement ring.

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